Captain America: Civil War
The Jungle Book
The Huntsman: Winter's War


Hurricane Fall Disney Sundays: Monsters University
Saturday 30th April 2016 Sunday 1st May 2016
Mother's Day Luncheon Disney Sundays: The Little Mermaid
Sunday 8th May 2016 Sunday 15th May 2016
Disney Sundays: Beauty & The Beast Kitty Flanagan: Seriously?
Sunday 29th May 2016 Saturday 4th June 2016
Disney Sundays: The Lion King David Scheel Comedy Pianist
Sunday 12th June 2016 Sunday 12th June 2016
Melbourne Comedy Festival Disney Sundays: Brave
Saturday 18th June 2016 Sunday 26th June 2016
Romeo & Juliet Ballet Performance Disney Sundays: Finding Nemo
Wednesday 20th July 2016 Sunday 24th July
Disney Sundays: Wall-E Disney Sundays: Bambi
Sunday 7th August Sunday 21st August
The Big Guns of Country Tour Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase
Friday 26th August Thursday 1st September 2016
Disney Sundays: The Incredibles Disney Sundays: Aladdin
Sunday 4th September Sunday 18th September
Disney Sundays: Wreck It Ralph Disney Sundays: Mary Poppins
Sunday 16th October Sunday 30th October
Stand Up Comedy Show Disney Sundays: Toy Story
Saturday 5th November Sunday 13th November
Disney Sundays: A Bug's Life Disney Sundays: Lilo & Stitch
Sunday 27th November Sunday 11th December