Become a member of The Crossing Theatre today!

Our memberships cost $5 per person and need to be renewed yearly. By joining our membership program you will receive the below perks!

  • Discounted cinema and event tickets
  • Early bird access to certain shows
  • Promotional discounts at The Crossing Café
Email our Box Office team at to find out more. You will need to collect your membership card in person from the Box Office.

We understand that many of our members were affected by our recent closure and we would like to so thank you for your patience and ongoing support!
SO if your membership expired between 1st April 2020 and 31st October 2020, we will allow you to redeem a number of months of “extended membership”. We will calculate the number of months each member is given by counting the months from 1st April to the month their membership was due to expire. The “extended membership” commences from 1st November.
Any members whose memberships are due to expire from 1st November 2020 through to 31st March 2021, will be given 7 months free membership. This 7 months commences from their original expiry date.
For more information or to claim your extended memberships, please bring your membership card to the Box Office.